štvrtok, júla 07, 2005

wacom intuos III v plnej krase
posted by Fifteen

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Anonymný povedal(a)...


It is a bit wonder. I was looking for Intuos3 A4 opinions and found your blog. Actually I'm from Slovakia too ;-) Could you give me your comments regarding Intuos3? And where did you by it? I was in Libra and Agem they do not know about this product.

You look happy on your pic ;-)


Fifteen povedal(a)...

the person on the pic is my former colleague :-) this intuos was in my hands for only a half hour. so i can't tell you if it is good or bad. my first impressions were very good and that's all i can say :-)

http://www.konsigna.sk/main.do this is the official reseller for slovak republic according to wacom-europe.com try to ask them